WBS Gantt-Chart for JIRA

Visualizing project progress

“WBS Gantt-Chart for JIRA” is an Add-On of JIRA that Ricksoft developed.

Issues are stratified in WBS so that relationship can be figured out in a systematic manner, and the status of a whole project can be gained. Additionally, you can analyze discrepancies between a plan and an actual achievement, if a task is behind, WBS Gantt-Chart enables rescheduling, and re-assigning quickly. Let’s utilize it for project management, issue management, and task status management!

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  • Introduction of WBS Gantt-Chart for JIRA

  • Editing WBS

  • Viewing Resources Plan

  • Editing Plans

  • Basic Operation


  • Catch work status at a glance

    By managing issues in JIRA and displaying them in WBS Gantt-Chart, you can tell the start and the end date of tickets, schedule of a whole project, and work status at just one view.

    WBS Gantt-Chart works very well in various situations such as, in several projects at once, in a prolonged project.

  • Manage progress situation

    A progress situation is visible by comparing a vertical dashed line of the current date with a dark blue Gantt bar. If the dark blue Gantt bar is stopped at the left side of the vertical dashed line of the current date, that means the issue has been delayed. If it is at the right side of the vertical line, the issue is proceding.

  • Convenient Warning icon to view task delays

    Warning icon is very useful to see if an issue has started or completed as scheduled.

    On the left side of WBS, if there is “!”, it is indicating that there is a problem or some sort of notification.
    By clicking Warning icons, you can jump to the Gantt bars with the warning status.

  • Compare base line with the current schedule

    There are two Gantt bars displayed in WBS Gantt-Chart for JIRA. The upper bar shows the current schedule, and the lower one indicates a base line. A base line is a schedule agreed by involved parties or approved by a project owner.

    These two Gantt bars show a discrepancy between the current schedule and the base line.

    Analyze these two Gantt bars and you can reschedule to make it most productive.

  • Reschedule issues together

    Look at the pink arrows between Gantt bars.

    When an arrow is displayed from ticket A to ticket B, ticket B depends on ticket A.

    For example, if ticket A has been delayed and rescheduled, ticket B can also be rescheduled. This is very useful.

  • Create simple tickets in WBS Gantt-Chart

    A new issue can be created in WBS Gantt-Chart if it is under the same parent ticket and issue type. Right click of the selected issue provides you with the option of creating a new ticket.

    Also, if you want to create a child ticket, “create child ticket” is available in Context menu (right click).

    Tickets can be deleted, too.