Issue Editor for JIRA

Issue Editor for JIRA

Issue Editor for JIRA is a JIRA add-on that enables issues to be edited in excel-like format. This way, multiple issues can be edited simultaneously easily and more quickly in one window. You can manage JIRA issues more easily.

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Key Features
Start Issue Editor for JIRA from Issue

Navigator screen

When Issue Editor for JIRA is installed in JIRA, "Edit" button appears in the upper right corner of the Issue Navigator screen. By clicking on this button, the screen will be switched to edit mode. Data will be the same as the one in the Issue Navigator screen and so are the columns.

Display Column can be fixed.

You can specify a column to fix when scrolling a screen horizontally.

Copy & Paste

You can copy a cell to multiple cells. Just like spreadsheet.

Value Bar

The value field can be displayed as bar chart format. Values in the field can be compared visually.