Alfresco connector for JIRA

Alfresco connector for JIRA

・This is an add-on that links JIRA and Alfresco.
・Thumbnails and previews for attached files are displayed without JIRA being overloaded.

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1.  What is Alfresco connector for JIRA?

Alfresco connector for JIRA links JIRA which is installed as process management, task management and project management in many organizations with Alfresco, which support CMIS and is an add-on connected with Enterprise Content Management (ECM).

By combining with Alfresco with its powerful content management features, process management and content management integrate and it becomes manageable that "Who", "in which project" or "in which phase (or WBS)" a deliverable is created.

Contents registered in Alfresco connector for JIRA display not only in thumbnail or video-display but also Excel, Word or other files can be previewed without Office software being open.

2.  Advantages

Dissatisfaction for Attached Files
Since there is no thumbnails or preview feature for attachments, the attached files need to be downloaded to be checked. This downloading causes heavy load on the server and JIRA becomes unstable.
So many copy files are created in clients and due to that, information management would be complicated.
There is not version management for attachments, and there is a possibility for a throwback...
Need a system that can easily revert files attached in the past
When a large-size file (more than a few GB) is uploaded, JIRA stops its operation due to OutOfMemoryError. Need to make JIRA service stable somehow.
After Installing Alfresco connector for JIRA
By utilizing Alfresco's powerful feature of content conversion, Attached files can be displayed as thumbnails and preview screens without overloading JIRA.
Be able to provide user-friendly systems with Alfresco's version management!
No burden to JIRA with API corresponding to Alfresco CMIS standard!
No service down due to attached files!

3.  Main Features

Drag and Drop to Upload Files Easily


Preview files linked to JIRA, after been converted into PDF

Create Folders

Create and delete folders on the ECM from JIRA

Search Files

Search by file name, author, MIME Type and keywords inside the files

Display Contents as Thumbnails

Version Management

Content Links

Files saved in Alfresco connector for JIRA is also saved in Enterprise Contents Management (ECM) and JIRA issues (tickets) and files are treated as links. With that, it is possible to link the same file to multiple JIRA issues (tickets) and also link the same file to another Atlassian product, Confluence (*1)

*1 Now in process of developing Confluence version