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2015.02.10 -Ricksoft Releases Latest Version of Project Management Tool; WBS Gantt Chart for JIRA Ver. 8.0

Ricksoft Releases Latest Version of Project Management Tool;
WBS Gantt Chart for JIRA Ver. 8.0 Now Available

Ricksoft Inc. of Tokyo announced on September 14 the latest version of WBS (*1) Gantt-Chart for JIRA, an add-on for JIRA, which is an Atlassian product used by global leaders including Yamaha, brother, and NTT Communications. WBS Gantt-Chart for JIRA, installed by 180 companies in the world, realizes the visualization, standardization, and cost/resource management of users’ projects. Ricksoft will continue with a number of functional enhancements including Earned Value Management (EVM).

Main features of the product: WBS Gantt-Chart for JIRA is a proprietary project management tool developed by Ricksoft in response to a variety of requests from software developers. Basic functions include the following.
- Creating WBS, making it the base line comparable with the current schedule, and displaying issues in a Gantt chart
- Creation of project template
- Resource management
- Cost management
- Scheduled jobs
- Export to the Excel format

As of July 2015, WBS Gantt-Chart for JIRA has been installed by over 180 companies and used for project management in a variety of industries including manufacturing, game software, web services, finance/insurance, and IT.

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About Ricksoft Inc. Ricksoft Inc. is a platinum expert of Atlassian Pty Ltd. In addition to developing add-ons to Atlassian products, including WBS Gantt-Chart for JIRA and Expiry Notification for JIRA, the company is also providing introduction support, cloud services, and product support to customers.

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(*1) WBS : Work Breakdown Structure