What is WBS Gantt-Chart for JIRA?

It’s an add-on tool that works with Atlassian’s project management tool, JIRA. WBS Gantt-Chart for JIRA has progress management of issues, resource management, and scheduling.

Where is WBS Gantt-Chart for JIRA available?

WBS Gantt-Chart for JIRA is available in Atlassian's Marketplace.

From which version of JIRA is WBS Gantt-Chart for JIRA available?

JIRA 6.0 or later (as of September 30th, 2015) - Version History (Marketplace)

How is WBS Gantt-Chart for displayed?

The WBS Gantt-Chart button will be displayed when it is installed to JIRA. Click it, and select a project that you would like to view the issues (tickets) in WBS Gantt-Chart. Also, you can display WBS Gantt-Chart from the project detail screen. (select Add-on then click "Browse this project in WBS Gantt-Chart") Furthermore, you can specify a filter to go to WBS Gantt-Chart screen.

Could WBS Gantt-Chart for JIRA be purchased with smaller user tier than that of our JIRA instance?

No. According to Atlassian's guideline, the user tier of an add-on has to be matched the user tier of your JIRA instance. Therefore, You are not able to buy WBS Gantt-Chart for JIRA with a smaller user tier than your JIRA.

Is it possible to retrieve the last view?

In order to save the display setting, go to "User Preferences" under "WBS Gantt-Chart" button of the header of JIRA, and select "Restore the last view". Next time when you login, the screen will show up with the last view.

Can Version be created on WBS Gantt-Chart screen?

Yes. Right-click a project name and select "Create Version". Enter a name of the version and save it.

Can tickets be created under Version?

Yes. Right-click a version, select "Create ticket" then choose an ticket (issue) type.

Can tickets be copied?

Yes. Right-click a ticket and select "Copy". Then, choose either "This ticket" or "This ticket and all child tickets".

Can a child ticket be moved to another parent ticket?

Yes. A ticket can be dragged and dropped to another parent ticket.