• Ricksoft Co., Ltd. is an Atlassian Expert for Atlassian products
  • WBS Gantt-Chart for JIRA
  • Issue Editor for JIRA
  • Alfresco connector for JIRA

Atlassian Platinum Expert

Ricksoft Co., Ltd. is an Atlassian Expert for Atlassian products. We provide customers with professional services from our various achievements such as product implementation consulting,virtualization usage, deign of large instance implementation, plugin development, and performance tuning.

We transmit to the World not only in Japan
WBS Gantt-Chart for JIRA

WBS Gantt-Chart for JIRA

Visualizing project progress

Issues are stratified in WBS so that relationship can be figured out in a systematic manner, and the status of a whole project can be gained. Let’s utilize it for project management, issue management, and task status management!

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MS Project importer for JIRA

Ricksoft has developed this MS Project importer for JIRA after receiving so many requests from both domestic and overseas customers that it would be great if there were a tool that could import data from "Microsoft Project" to WBS Gantt-Chart for JIRA.

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Issue Editor for JIRA

You can edit multiple challenges in a list format.
You can work with a feeling close to the spreadsheet software (Excel)

Issue Editor for JIRA is JIRA add-on to compensate for the weakness of "do not support the challenge editing features in a tabular format."

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Alfresco connector for JIRA

This is an add-on that links JIRA and Alfresco.
Thumbnails and previews for attached files are displayed without JIRA being overloaded.

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Alfresco connector for ConfluenceNEW

Alfresco connector for Confluence is an add-on which connects Confluence to Alfresco (Enterprise Contents Management (ECM) that is compatible with CMIS.

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